Гид в Таррагоне
Гид в Таррагоне
Гид в Таррагоне
Гид в Таррагоне
Гид в Таррагоне

About us

Imagine yourself on a standard sightseeing excursion. "On your left you see a 597 years old Castle, first mentioned in 1422. The outer roof surface of the castle was protected by shingles, tiles, and slates."

Boring? We are sure this common approach of guiding a tour is boring indeed. And this is the way we do not work. Just the opposite!

Certainly, on our sightseeing excursions we also focus on seeing the main attractions of each destination. They are great for knowledge and understanding about issues in the past. But we do it in a different way.

We never treat a tour like a lecture. Together we discover places and see them phenomenal. Like Alice in her Wonderland, with our private guides you will find there is even more to see in the places we visit than you have thought about. That is like a gift from your guide and helper.

On our website you will find a variety of special tours with options and discounts depending on your travel plans.

  • Private tour in Barcelona: Mystic Charms of Gothic Quarter 
  • Private tour in Tarragona: Secrets of Tarragona
  • Private tour in Reus: Glorious city:  A love letter to Reus
  • Private tour in Torredembarra: City of Catalonian Indians

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