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As the town of Torredembarra fades from view, the impressive lighthouse rises up, breaking the horizon like a pillar of cloud. Sitting atop a rock 60 meters above the sea, open to the public its light can be seen from as far as 20 miles away. Walking with our private guides along the coast of Torredembarra can be an unforgettable experience: histories, landscapes, sunsets, and the sea.

The way from the lighthouse will take us to the town square Plaça de la Font, which used to be the center of Torredembarra few centuries ago. The most significant monument in Torredembarra, its medieval tower Torre de la Vila, looks like it came out from some kind of novel about brave knights.

Nestled on Catalonia’s Costa Dorada, the town of Torredembarra has a number of interesting landmarks, such as the Castle, and the remaining walls of the town. We will not miss the church of St Peter, the Baroque hospital, charming cobbled streets, and interesting architecture.

To get the real picture of Catalonian Indianos (the local travelers who left to Cuba and came back rich) we will discover large fortunes left in the colonial-style buildings, which are clearly distinguishable, with tall ceilings and large main doors, and lush gardens to the back of them.

Places to visit, sights to see:

  • Far de Torredembarra Lighthouse
  • La Paella Beach
  • Pere Badia Hospital
  • Plaça de la Font
  • Torre de la Vila
  • Parish Church of San Pere
  • Torredembarra Icart Castle
  • Plaça del Castell
  • Torredembarra Old Town Walls
  • Notable Streets

Private Guides in Torredembarra | Private tours in Torredembarra

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150 EUR (1-4 travelers) 

2 hours

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