Hidden secrets of Tarragona

Tarragona's essence Tarragona's essence Tarragona's essence
  • Narrow streets lined with medieval buildings and paved with cobblestones, where you are sure you could easily get lost in...
  • Ancient Roman Amphitheatre and mind-blowing coral shining sea views...
  • Ciudad de Castells - the City of Human towers and Santa Tecla Fest…
  • Most intriguing stories and ancient tales…

With our tour you will step back through Tarragona's history, from Scipio Africanus, the talented Roman general, through streets echoing with Tarragona's past to the modern time. You will see a centuries-old candle store and a ghost house, an ancient Amphitheater and the pilon's street, then tour through the paved lanes of the old city only the locals know, and see how daily life is lived. 

We do believe that by just walking through this maze of ancient and medieval streets, you’ll find the real Tarragona's essence… but don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable tennis shoes when you do!

Spend time hunting for stories and legends in the heart of Part Alta, passing by the in the calm tranquility of the Cathedral and ending your walk near the Monument als Castellers.

Pretori Tower, Via de l'Imperi Romà, Placa de Palau, and Balco de Mediterrani - each of these gorgeous sights has its own hidden history.

Our tour combines individuality, culture, history as well as fascinating destinations and mind-blowing views.

Places to visit, sights to see:

  • Rambla Nova 
  • Monument als Castellers
  • Centenario Fountain
  • Tarragona als herois de 1811
  • Teresa Convent
  • Convent of the Barefoot Carmelites
  • Via de l'Imperi Romà 
  • Placa de Palau 
  • Tarragona Cathedral 
  • Part Alta 
  • Pilons' Street
  • Pretori Tower
  • Roman Circus 
  • Ancient Amphitheater
  • Balco del Mediterrani

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Price per tour
150 EUR (1-4 travelers) 

2,5 hours

Departure Point:
Plaça de la Imperial Tàrraco, 5, 43005 Tarragona or
Plaça de la Pedrera, S/N, 43004 Tarragona


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